About You

  • YOU will be the center of attention
  • We will listen to YOUR vision
  • We will honor YOUR “Do Not Play List”
  • Will listen to YOUR needs
  • We will answer YOUR questions
  • We will assist in YOUR planning
  • We will celebrate with YOU on your big day!

Our Standards

  • Exceed your expectations
  • Get to know you on a personal level
  • Focus on detailed and efficient event planning
  • Coordinate with other vendors at your event
  • Ensure your event flows smoothly
  • Make prompt¬†announcements
  • Never “over use” the microphone
  • Involve all of your guests

Your Standards

  • We will setup early for your event
  • We will dress formally for your event
  • We will smile
  • We will be polite
  • We will not swear or tell cheesy jokes
  • We will not drink alcohol
  • We will continually check in with you throughout the evening
  • We will use professional audio and lighting equipment
  • We will not play the music TOO LOUD
  • We will not take breaks